Recent changes to this wiki:

Personal blog entry
Personal blog: Another piece of poetry, I suppose
access: Update Bitlbee info
access: Update XMPP info
New entry in personal blog
New item in personal blog
Update project list in index page
Fix typo
Fix typo
New entry in personal blog
New personal blog entry
Move ticket system feedback ticket to general bucket
Comment on ticket system feedback
Tweak new ticket
Tweak formatting of a new ticket
Vervis: New ticket: Federation
Vervis: New ticket: JSON API
Vervis: Basic comment system ready
Blog about vervis
Vervis: Model for discussion
Vervis: New ticket: Implement SCP remote side
Vervis: Work on HTTP smart mode
Vervis: Ticket 26 update
Vervis: Open ticket: Protect repo during concurrent access
Vervis: Close ticket 19 until becomes relevant again
Update index, Vervis is now a primary project
Vervis: Document rendering with Pandoc implemented
Vervis: New ticket, render Markdown and other docs into HTML
Vervis: Made Cassius based on this wiki's CSS
Vervis: Progress on repos-under-users change
Vervis: Update project page with recent real info
Index: Add adfree site image
Random blog entry
Vervis: Work on git protocol over SSH
Vervis: More tickets
Vervis: Plan git history log generation
Vervis: Open many tickets
Vervis: Start adding task tickets
Vervis: Login works, start using tickets
Vervis: Repo table ready, working on auth
Vervis: DB and Yesod progress
Vervis: Minimal Yesod done, now start using stack
feed-collect: Close ticket after fixing reported bug
Vervis: Done with persistent setup, start adding Yesod
Vervis: Work on data model
Vervis: The new step 6 is an SQL database
Vervis: Add steps 5 and 6
Vervis: Step 4
Vervis: Step 3
Vervis: Plan step 2
Start working on Vervis bottom-up
List active dev projects in the index page
Move main page content to new subpage
Remove funbot project from the wiki
add sinking ship image
me: simplify my page
me: new blog entry
me: update contact details
funbot: update guide
irc-fun-client: close ticket 2, /me support added
index: update some URLs
darcs repos moved to darcs hub
me: update paragraph about the open tickets list
funbot: mention the helper packages
access: update URL of paste server code
funbot: mention new dependency, funbot-ext-events
funbot: remove dummy text
funbot: minor update and some dummy test text
fix notabug shortcut, it shouldn't url-encode
funbot: close memo ticket
funbot: close persistence ticket, we have json-state now
json-state: new project
settings: update repo link
funbot: settings system is finally complete
funbot: update manual with recent changes
me: another blog post...
news: break
index: remove feedback box
funbot: revise manual
funbot: document work on memos
funbot: document progress on friendly command access
funbot: plan API for friendly command access
funbot: update guide to explain new state files
funbot: settings now support exploration
funbot: new ticket: intuitive UI
settings: close #1, callbacks and save/load added
funbot: explain about settings in the guide
settings: plan custom debounce action for saving
blog post...
settings: work on callbacks and persistence
settings: new ticket: scope and features
feed-collect: new project (actually about to release)
fix invalid link