In order to make the work with Autotools easier and make the process of starting new projects faster and smoother, I decided to create several C/C++ project skeletons. I don't plan to write all the code in C and C++ - just the lower level components where they are needed - but I already started several new projects and having these skeletons available would definitely make things faster.

I'd like to have the following skeletons:

  • C program skeleton
  • C library skeleton
  • C++ program skeleton
  • C++ library skeleton
  • C++ header-only library skeleton
  • C++ library-with-C-wrapper skeleton
  • C++ header-only-library-with-C-wrapper skeleton

The code can be browsed online using the git browser, and it also contains links for cloning. Links are here.

The plans:

  • Features - things the skeletons should support
  • Name Template - how to use the project name in the skeletons, and how it will be substituted with the actual project name
  • Configuration Options - which parameters of the bare skeleton can be changed when generating a ready skeleton for a specific project

Useful materials:

  • Sources - Autotools manuals and related documentation
  • Tutorials - Autotools tutorials on the web
  • Examples - some existing Autotools projects I can use

TODO have a feature item for the source templates

TODO consider adding ctor/dtor/op=/copyctor etc. to the class templates. Read about how these functions work, use the C++11 = default and files like Alder/SingleField.hpp can help.