Moving Somewhere Else

  • project-process, development-framework: should have regular wiki locations and not be treated as "projects"
  • systems: split between access/ (usage) and maint/admin/ (administration)
  • collection: perhaps doesn't need to be a project, think about it


  • Project Process - how to add, start, design and develop new projects in Rel4tion
  • Development Framework - toolbox of languages, APIs and other software interfaces chosen for use in Rel4tion as dependencies providing common needs and solving common problems


These are issues which may lead to software development, but may also be solved by reuse of existing software (which is preferred, of course). Before choosing, further understanding of the situation and the problem details are required. For this purpose these projects are in "research" state.

Decentralization and Servers

  • Server Systems - Rel4tion server info and general admin guides
  • Collection of art and materials for feeding Razom with data to manage and protecting the availability and freedom of content and its use

Development Tools

Helper Interfaces

  • repository - API for managing version-controlled repositories
  • text-position - library for tagging text and tokens with positions
  • smaoin-hs - utility and model library for Smaoin related projects
  • razom-text-util - library of utilities for implementing semantic information languages
  • ?format-convert - tool for converting between data formats, both models and serializations, based on a list of conversion functions provided by the installed programs and libraries. Finds the fastest path from the source format to the destination format, and can offer tools if no path is found. See Strom, and maybe more info scattered around the wiki
  • vocabularies-hs - Smaoin entity definitions as Haskell variables generated from the Idan/Kort sources
  • undo - action stack for undo/redo functionality
  • irc-fun-messages - types and functions for working with IRC messages
  • irc-fun-client - library for writing IRC clients
  • irc-fun-color - add colors and styles to IRC messages
  • irc-fun-bot - simple library for writing fun IRC bots
  • libravatar - Haskell library for Libravatar
  • settings - editable program settings management
  • http-listen - listen to HTTP requests and react in arbitrary ways
  • feed-collect - watch newsfeeds (RSS, Atom, etc.) for new items
  • vcs-web-hook-parse - types and parsing of development platform web hook messages
  • json-state - manage program state using JSON files and (optionally) Git

Languages and Models

  • Smaoin - semantic information model
  • Naya - semantic query model for Smaoin
  • Kadma - definition framework for expressing information in Smaoin
  • Kort - low-level language for information exchange between machines
  • Idan - high-level language for expressing information
  • Kiwi - set of ontologies (domain specific vocabularies)
  • Domain specific languages - languages for expressing information, tailored to specific information domains TODO I just imported it from rdd-wiki, the info is old and inaccurate

Platform Components


Platforms and Distributions

  • Rel4tion - the semantic platform and distribution


This is a list of projects whose development is either currently frozen, or has permanently stopped unless someone comes and decides to maintain/reuse them. It doesn't mean they're useless or dead - it just means their development is on hold.


  • List, Names - material for choosing projects names

Development Tools

  • Code Skeleton - source repository tree templates (C, C++)
  • Skapa - wrapper interface for software project related operations (Perl)

Helper Interfaces

  • SGP - library collecting general purpose utilities (C++)
  • Fel - helpers for making exception classess less redundant (C++)
  • Petla - iteration building blocks (C++)
  • Sif - dynamic module loading API (C, C++)
  • Tosaf - plugin framework (C++)